Privacy Policy

Welcome to, your esteemed literary haven for a diverse collection of quality ebooks. Beyond curating an exceptional library, our paramount commitment lies in safeguarding your privacy. This comprehensive Privacy Policy delineates the intricacies of how we collect, use, and protect your personal information during your interactions with our website.

1. Information Collection and Use:

As you immerse yourself in, we employ various means to enrich your experience. Voluntarily provided data, such as when leaving comments or engaging in interactive features, allows us to tailor our offerings to your preferences. We also collect your IP address and browser user agent string for spam detection, ensuring a secure and enjoyable environment.

2. Comments and Interaction:

Our vibrant community thrives on meaningful interactions. When you leave a comment, we capture the data entered in the comments form, your IP address, and browser user agent. To foster a sense of connection, an anonymized string (hash) from your email address may be sent to the Gravatar service for profile picture display upon comment approval. This personal touch enhances your engagement within our literary community.

3. Media and Uploads:

At, we celebrate creativity through media uploads. To protect your privacy, we encourage excluding embedded location data (EXIF GPS) from shared images. This precaution ensures that your artistic contributions remain a reflection of your creativity without compromising your personal information. Our commitment is not only to literary excellence but also to the security of your creative expressions.

4. Cookies:

To facilitate a seamless user experience, our site utilizes cookies. When leaving a comment, you can opt-in to save your name, email address, and website in cookies, offering convenience for return visits. These cookies last for one year, enhancing user-friendliness. Additionally, features such as temporary cookies on the login page and login persistence options contribute to an efficient and personalized user journey.

5. Embedded Content:

Embedded content from external websites aligns with visits to those platforms. This content may involve data collection, cookie usage, and third-party tracking. We strive to seamlessly integrate external content while respecting your privacy. Interaction monitoring ensures a cohesive experience, particularly for logged-in users, demonstrating our commitment to a harmonious online environment.

6. Data Sharing:

For security purposes, if a password reset is requested, your IP address is included in the reset email. This measure ensures that password reset requests originate from legitimate account owners, contributing to the overall safety and integrity of user accounts.

7. Data Retention:

Comments and metadata retention serve the purpose of automatic approval for follow-up comments, fostering real-time and dynamic community engagement. Registered users retain control, being able to see, edit, or delete personal information (excluding the username). Website administrators possess the capability to view and modify this information, ensuring a streamlined and secure user experience.

8. User Rights:

Empowering users is a core principle at Account holders or individuals leaving comments have the right to request an exported file of their personal data or initiate its erasure. Exceptions exist for data necessary for administrative, legal, or security purposes, underscoring our commitment to transparency and user control.

9. Automated Spam Detection:

To preserve the integrity of user interactions, visitor comments undergo automated spam detection services. This proactive approach minimizes the impact of spam, fostering a secure and enjoyable platform for all users.

10. Continuous Improvement: is dedicated to continual enhancement. Regular reviews and updates to our privacy practices ensure alignment with evolving industry standards and user expectations. Our commitment to improvement reflects our aspiration to provide a website that not only meets but exceeds user expectations.

11. Educational Outreach:

As part of our commitment to user awareness, actively engages in educational outreach. We provide resources and information to users, empowering them to make informed decisions about their online interactions and privacy.

12. Transparency and Trust:

Transparency is the cornerstone of our relationship with users. We believe in fostering trust through open communication and clear policies. If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, feel free to reach out to us. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to create an environment where your privacy is respected, and your literary journey is enriched.

13. Secure Transactions:

We understand the importance of secure transactions, especially for our membership plans. All transactions on are conducted through secure channels, ensuring the protection of your financial information. Our commitment to security extends to every aspect of your interaction with our platform.

14. Global Privacy Standards: adheres to global privacy standards, ensuring that your data is handled with care and in compliance with international regulations. Our commitment to protecting your privacy extends beyond geographical boundaries, aligning with the highest standards of data protection.

Your trust is paramount. This Privacy Policy is a testament to our unwavering commitment to transparency, security, and user empowerment. As you navigate the literary wonders of, rest assured that your privacy is valued, and every effort is made to provide an enriching and secure online haven for bibliophiles worldwide. We appreciate your trust in our platform and look forward to continually enhancing your literary journey.