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All the ebooks and other downloadable products in PDF format published on haveebooks.com are completely reviewed prior to publication. Intellectual property rights are strictly respected. We review the published texts, the date of death of the author, the date of death of the translator (when proceed) and the rights of the images included in the document. The books authors have been dead at least seventy or seventy five years ago.No work is published until are completely sure that all content is in the “Public Domain” in the United States and Canada(whereas my site server and domain physically located in asian region where the server & domain are established) Or the work or product is under open source license.(Presently no open source license work or product is listed on this site).

About Public Domain:

You can find ebooks in good quality and in the most popular format PDF support almost all devices. You can download the ebooks in PDF format. Books in the public domain are copyright-free literary and artistic works. They can be copied, remixed, and redistributed without the need for permission. Public domain books are also available in digital formats that are easier to find than physical copies of the same book.(*I don’t charge for the ebook i only charge the hard work i have done to collect the public domain ebooks at one place for readers).Most of the public domain books can be accessed online for free. These online resources have made it possible to find and download public domain books easily and legally.

Copyright Management:

If you want to inform us of an alleged copyright infringement, please send an email to haveebook@aol.com clearly identifying the work and requesting its removal due to unauthorized use. Haveebook will notify your claim to the person who has sent the work for publication and, preventively, will remove it until its ownership is resolved. Haveebook is unable to mediate in challenges related to the ownership of rights. Also, if we receive several claims for breaches of copyright in relation to one particular writer, they will be completely removed from our website. Haveebook makes its platform available to users in good faith, which is why, relying on the presumption of innocence, it understands that any books published on this platform are either in the public domain or under open source license.If you have any claim related,please contact us directly at haveebook@aol.com and give us the possibility to review your query.