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Buyer Protection Policy

haveebook have tried to create an environment in which Buyers have access to the most relevant information regarding a product’s condition and description before purchasing. There may be times, however, when a purchase does not meet the minimum expectations of a Buyer. To protect our Buyers, we offer the Buyer Protection Policy in which you can exchange your ebook at a very low price €5 and will receive your require ebook available on haveebook. For any downloadable product ,incase you download false file you can have the other genre or category product and will receive the the product by email in your email Inbox.

What should I do if I have a problem?

If you, as a Buyer, have a problem with a purchase, you must first contact the Seller through the contact form or email address, provided that one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • EBook or other downloadable products has been downloaded but content doesn’t match.
  • A ebook is “materially different” from the way it was rated – A ebook is different if it is damaged, or varies significantly.
  • An ebook or other product is downloaded incorrectly – For example, you order one book and get another.

How do I use communication?

Simply email us or use contact form for any issue and follow directions:

Once you have completed this process there are several possible outcomes:

  • If the problem has been resolved, the transaction is considered as completed.
  • In some cases the you can wait a bit more to fine a solution.
  • If the problem has not been resolved, you will need to file a Buyer Protection Report by email again.

What happens if I submit my Buyer Protection Report?

haveebook will process your request to find the best solution, if needed ,will contact you directly by email to resolve the problem.

Fraud will never pay:

Attempts to abuse the Buyer Protection Policy will be investigated very seriously. We feel has attempted to commit fraud by misusing this policy for his or her own personal gain. In addition, abuse of this policy is a criminal offense and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.