Is there any special PDF reader to read this files?

No, any PDF editor or reader can read these PDF files, but you must have a PDF reader on your device.

Do I need to download special software to check out or read eBooks?

Tablet / Smartphone: To read eBooks in PDF format on your tablet or smartphone, you must have either the any PDF reader on your device.

Computer: To read eBooks in PDF format on your computer, you must have Adobe PDF file reader or any other software or use Overdrive Read in a compatible web browser.

Can I put my eBook on more than one device?

If the two devices are the same or similar, then the answer is probably yes. For example, If you download eBooks from a site and use a common file format, like PDF or EPUB, you could download your eBook to multiple devices which supports or opens the PDF files.

So what e-reader I should buy?

We can’t tell you that! What we can do is help you figure out which e-readers best fit your needs. If you already have a tablet, such as an iPad, or a smartphone, then you can download and install e-reader apps from your device’s app store without purchasing an additional device.

Can you check out the eBook for me and put it on my device?

We can help you check out an eBook, but due to policy, cannot do it for you. However, we can work with you and provide you with guides, cheat sheets, and videos that will also be helpful.

How many attempts can i use to download the file?

You have five attempts to download the file.

How long can I keep an eBook PDF file after i purchase it?

The PDF files never expires, you can have it for lifetime.


When the order payment is taken of my bank account or card?

Bank account payments take almost 1 to 3 days to process but when you pay with debit or credit card it is deducted instantly.

What is wishlist?

When you like an Ebook, you can add in in your Wishlist and then later it takes you to cart or checkout.

What should I do if I download an unmatched or wrong PDF file?

In this case please contact us by email directly at contact@haveebook.com or use the contact form.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Intangible or Digital downloads are not refundable but we have an offer, pay us €5 (only within 7 days) and get any other eBook on our website in your email inbox.

What exactly happens after ordering?

The PD file will be instantly available for download once your payment transaction is confirmed.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes sure, you receive an invoice after the payment confirmation, in rare case if you don’t receive it in email inbox please conatact us again and we’ll send the invoice to your email inbox.

Can i access my orders in my account?

Yes, you can access your order and downloads detail in your account.