4 Simple Ways to Build a Happier Home Life

by Jennifer McGregor

February 20, 2023

Home is where the heart is — and it’s also where people spend approximately 62% of their time. Your everyday life is central to your happiness, so it’s important to stay on top of creating a vibrant, meaningful environment. Here are four simple tips to get started.

1. Eat Well and Use Meal Prep

You are what you eat! Not literally, of course, but healthier food leads to a healthier life. Good eating habits improve your skin, eyes, teeth, heart health, immunity, and more. It can be stressful to put pressure on yourself to always eat healthy, so use meal prepping to ease that burden.

Meal prepping can help you save money and time, and it can increase healthy eating habits. Choose a day to prep, and create a menu of meals and snacks. Two hours on one day can save countless hours later. Or, use a meal prep service for extra convenience.

2. Be Vigilant About What You Bring to Your Home

If you have children at home, you know how many unhealthy snacks and loud toys are marketed toward them. In fact, marketing directly to children has drastically increased since the 1990s, with the average child viewing an estimated 40,000 commercials a year.

It can be tempting to give in to requests for sugary cereal but pause before you do. Be sure to read reviews about products from unbiased sources — and this goes for more than just food. When reading reviews, look for information on health benefits or drawbacks, safety issues, and consumer feedback. There’s no point in buying something that causes buyer’s remorse.

3. Create a Fitness Routine

Weekends at home can easily turn lazy. While rest is excellent (seriously, take breaks!) it’s also important to keep your body moving. Take time to plan fitness activities for your family, such as daily bike rides around the neighborhood, dancing and singing time to get your heart rate up and have some fun, and active yard work like raking or jumping in leaves. After all, exercise both improves overall health and helps children perform better in school.

Taking regular family walks is a great way to spend quality time together and get some exercise at the same time! To find the perfect route for your walks, look up a walk score map in your area. These maps provide information on points of interest, sidewalks, and other unique features you can find along your route. You can even plan out different routes each week to try something new and give yourself an extra boost of motivation. Family walks are a wonderful way to see the sights and have fun together while staying active.

4. Focus on Work-Life Balance

Even if you don’t work at home, you may occasionally bring work home. While this may seem innocent, bringing work home — even in the form of bad moods or ruminating on work — can negatively impact your household, and increase overall stress.

If you find yourself constantly focused on work, it could be a sign that you’re burnt out. Consider the possibility of changing careers. A change can benefit not just you, but your household as well. This can take the form of a complete change or elevating your current career. For example, if you’re knowledgeable about medical coding, you can take a course to increase that knowledge. Afterward, it helps to take a professional assessment so you can prove your skills to prospective employers.

Health Starts at Home

There are many different factors that impact the happiness of your home, but the bottom line is to focus on actions you can take to reduce stress and increase happiness.

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